The Making of a Musical Virtuoso
1984 – Born in Paris.
1986 – Began learning the Piano
1991 – Began learning the violin at the Conservatory of Saint Maur
1993 – Joined the CNR de Lille
2001 – Gold Medal and DEM CNR Lille
2002 – First professional engagements
2004 – Formed the band Swingin’ Partout
2006 – First album released for Swingin’ Partout
2009 – instrumental Price and Diploma Conservatory and Tibor Varga Music Academy in pedagogy and didactics in Sion, Switzerland (VS)
2010 – Double album release, “Bon Swing…Bon Genre” for Swingin’ Partout.
2012 – Album release “Michto” for Swingin’ Partout
2013 – Return to Paris to complete several musical productions in Jazz, pop and others.
2016- Move to Los Angeles, CA USA


Jeremie Levi Samson was born in Paris on August 6, 1984, into a family of professional musicians. He began playing the piano at the age of two, having been taught by his mother and grandmother,  both being professional pianists. But it was during the occasional encounters with his violinist uncle that brought him to his instrument of choice-the violin, which he began learning from the age of 7.

He went on to attend the Conservatory of Saint-Maur and the Lille Conservatory where he won a gold medal and a development prize with honors and trained under musical greats such as Wacheux Bernard, Julien Vanhoutte and Radu Blidar. He also won first prize in chamber music and all its theoretical price. After two years of studying Jazz with Yves Torchinsky, Gilles Cagin, Cyril Wambergue and Jean François Canape, Jeremiah Levi-Samson created the Hot Two, with guitarist Nicolas Lestoquoy and the quintet Swingin’ Partout, with which he was twice a finalist in the International Competition of Ensemble Musiques de Paris. He also won the competition of the Oignies Multijazz Festival, received radio and TV play on  France 3, Bandsport, Wéo, Radio France, France Musiques, France Bleu Nord, Campus Radio, and Radio Boomrang.

Jeremie continued his studies and successfully passed the entrance examination at the Conservatory, High School and Academy of Music Tibor Varga (Sion, Switzerland), where he studied classical violin with Yolande Leroy who spotted and oriented in that Sens. He distinguished himself again in all subjects and received a pedagogy and a Master’s Degree in Music Theory. Always in search of advice, he received counseling from greats such as Francesco de Angelis, Olivier Charlier and Miriam Contzen.

Jeremie has played extensively (around 1500 shows) throughout the world, performing throughout Europe, South Korea, and Mexico.